The Wolverine Unleashed Extended Edition Review

The MPAA sucks. And since the MPAA sucks, we can’t get a mainstream action movie nowadays that has any blood or swearing. Which is why all the blood and swearing were edited out of The Wolverine when it was released theatrically, and we had to wait for the blu-ray release for the originally intended unrated cut. And I’ve got to tell you, it’s a much better movie. Not only is it so insanely satisfying to finally see blood splatters when Wolverine stabs people, but there’s actually several additional sequences and extended action scenes. Most notably, there’s a scene near the end of the movie when Logan is driving towards the final boss fight on his motorcycle, and he gets stopped in an empty snow covered village and has to fight a bunch of ninjas. In the theatrical version, the scene is super short, and kind of feels weird and out of place. Wolverine just walks in, sees all the guys with arrows, starts running, and then almost immediately gets shot with so many arrows that he falls down and passes out. In the unrated scene, there’s about a huge crazy battle that last about ten minutes, the centrepiece of which is Wolverine riding on top of a thrasher while ninja after ninja gets sucked into the blades and sprayed out as mist. It’s a really awesome scene, and maybe the highlight of the whole movie. There’s also a scene early on where Wolverine stabs a guy in the chest, and you see the claws come out through his back. That was kind of out of nowhere, but I felt it deserves mentioning. Anyway, if you were as lukewarm on The Wolverine as I was, this cut will do a much better job of satisfying your taste for awesome Wolverine action. It’s really a shame that the censorship laws are what they are, because Wolverine is really a character that works well with this kind of violence and swearing, and I suspect that the same is true for a lot of superheroes. The new Netflix Daredevil show promises some bloody violence, and hopefully they’ll have the balls to make Deadpool R-rated. Hopefully this will show people that the superhero genre doesn’t necessarily have to bow to the PG13 rating, and hopefully we won’t have to wait for more unrated blu ray editions to see some more bloody stabbin’ action from ol’ Logan.

Overall Rating: Violence Makes Everything Better/10


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