Mad Max Review

So the new Mad Max movie comes out this week and you probably already know how totally fucking awesome it looks from the trailers. And, well, I just wouldn’t feel right going to see it without sitting down and watching the first three movies first. Before now, the only one I’ve really seen is the second one, and it was long enough ago that I don’t really remember it, so more or less I’m going into this whole thing fresh. Now the thing I keep hearing about these movies is that the second one is the only one worth watching, that the original doesn’t hold up. But I had to watch it anyway, because doctors say there’s something severely wrong with me. Anyway, fuck everyone who said this movie is shitty by today’s standards cause I thought it kicked ass. It’s a little slow moving, and there are a few long stretches where stuff keeps almost happening, but then not really. There’s not really much of a plot either, or at least not a very complicated one. But to me this movie feels less like a single story and more of just an introduction to this post apocalyptic future world. And I use the term “post-apocalyptic” very loosely, because it sort of just seems like regular Australia. I mean, there’s no government and the world is full of roving bike gangs, but other than that society seems pretty intact. It’s actually sort of interesting to see a movie apocalypse where people still kind of have their shit together instead of just the usual single pockets of survival type thing, but going back and watching it now it’s not really the world you picture when you think Mad Max. Anyway, where the movie really excels is in all the cool car stunts. If you just want to see a whole bunch of really awesome, well executed car/motorcycle crashes without the use of any CGI, this is the place to do it. Probably the highlight is the opening chase, where all the cop dudes are chasing this guy Night Rider (no relation). It’s just car getting mangled after car getting mangled, and it’s awesome. There are also a whole bunch of motorcycle crashes where you can tell they actually just got dudes to crash their motorcycles and by the look of some of them it’s a miracle no one died during filming. It’s a weird low budget indy Australian movie from the 70s, but it’s probably the best possible version of that, and I was honestly entertained the whole way through. And it’s funny hearing Mel Gibson with his Australian accent, cause he doesn’t really have one anymore.

Overall Rating: Also the final scene of this movie inspired the entire Saw franchise so that’s pretty cool/10


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