Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome Review

So this one is kind of where it all falls apart and just becomes silly. First thing you need to know is that Mel Gibson rocks super long hair for the entire first half of the movie, which is sick. The second thing you need to know is that the villain is aging pop star Tina Turner. There’s also a town that runs on pig shit, a gang of kids who talk in weird future speak, a pilot character played by the same guy who played the pilot character in the second movie but who is definitely a different character, and most importantly a midget who rides around on top of a large mentally retarded man. Yeah, this movie’s whack. Apparently George Miller wrote this script as a completely unrelated apocalypse movie, but then decided, fuck it, I’ll make it a Mad Max sequel. He was also so depressed during filming that he only wanted to direct the action sequences, and got some Australian soap opera director to do everything else. Sounds like a recipe for a really great flick. As troubled as the production sounds, this movie clearly has a much higher budget than the last. They go crazy with the post-apocalyptic sets and clothes and stuff, but most notable is how haam they go on the custom vehicles. In the last couple of movies they all looked like normal cars, with maybe a few modifications here or there, but in this one everybody’s driving some kind of crazy dune buggy looking thing. The one downside of the big budget, though, is that the studio insisted on a PG-13 rating, which I guess meant they had a limit on how many deaths they could show, because literally every time you think Mel Gibson kills somebody they cut away to a shot of them getting up and being ok. Anyway, this definitely isn’t a good movie, but it does have some classic moments. Probably the highlight of the whole thing comes right around the end of the first act, with the battle in the titular Thunderdome. Mel Gibson and a mentally handicapped man bounce around on bungee ropes in a large cage trying to kill each other while the crowd chants “two men enter, one man leaves” over and over again. Awesome.

Overall Rating: Tina Turner’s gross old mom cleavage/10


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