Mad Max: Fury Road Review

So this movie was straight up awesome. They basically took everything that was great about the franchise and boiled it down to the raw. The whole movie is just one long badass chase full of explosions and car wrecks and gruesome deaths. Tom Hardy does a great job of portraying the stoic badass Max, who, like in Road Warrior, has barely any actual lines. Which is a good thing I guess, cause Hardy’s Australian accent could probably use some work. And I actually didn’t hate Nicholas Hoult in this. Usually that guy really bugs me, and I’m not quite sure why. He’s just such a slimy little butthole, I wanna punch him. He’s also totally miscast as Beast in X-Men. But I digress. I didn’t think he did a great job in this movie, but his character was interesting and he was good enough that I was able to enjoy the performance. But it’s Charlize Theron who really steals the show. This franchise makes up for its lack of interesting female characters (unless you count Tina Turner, which you shouldn’t) pretty damn well. She’s totally badass and we really become invested in what she’s trying to do. In fact, she almost becomes the main character, with Max just along for the ride. When asked in an interview where this movie takes place in relation to the others on a timeline, director George Miller suggested that Max exist as somewhat of a legend in this world, with all sorts of different stories existing about “the road warrior”, and that this is just another one of those stories. I like that idea, not only because the loose continuity allows for them to make a fourth movie 30 years later with a new actor without having to do a reboot, but because it sort of allows each movie to be its own self contained story. It almost become more of an anthology series, just different tales throughout this apocalyptic wasteland, with this drifter character of Mad Max as the only common element. They imply this even more strongly at the end of the movie, while Charlize Theron’s character is standing victorious and being cheered for while she looks down to see Max simply vanish into the crowd. If they do more of these, which I’m sure they will, I hope they stay consistent with this format. Sometimes an underdeveloped protagonist is better than an overdeveloped one. See: Dredd. Anyway, this is exactly what action movies should be nowadays. I mean you got your dark brooding Nolan movies, and that’s fine, and you got your big fun happy Marvel movies, which I like too, and you even have your big dumb fun stuff like Fast and the Furious, which is hilarious, but nobody is just making awesome badass violent non stop action thrill rides any more. Except George Miller, evidently. Go see this fucking movie.

Overall Rating: A whole vehicle dedicated to one guy with an electric guitar and a flamethrower hooked up to giant amps just playing tunes for your whole post-apocalyptic car gang/10


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