Halloween (1978) Review

That’s right. October 2013, we did every Nightmare On Elm Street movie. Last year, Friday the 13th. Now it’s time for the grandaddy of them all, the original slasher franchise. This is the month he comes home, and we’re gonna find out just how well the Halloween franchise held up over 7 sequels, two alternate timelines, a reboot, and a sequel to the reboot. But first we gotta go back to original, a tiny little independent movie directed by John Carpenter in the late 1970s. The first Halloween movie is about as classic as it gets. Some people debate whether or not this was truly the first ever slasher movie, and while there are definitely others that set the stage for it, such as Psycho or Texas Chainsaw Massacre, I think this is the first time the formula was really solidified, and it’s the one that every slasher movie since has taken the most inspiration from. And honestly, unlike a lot of old slasher movies, the early Friday the 13th movies in particular, I actually think this movie holds up very well. It’s slow moving, for sure. But the realistic setting and characters suck you into the story and there’s a tense creepy tone throughout the entire movie. The kills are a little tame and pretty spread out, but just watching Michael Meyers silently stalking with that blank emotionless mask is so chilling. What’s great about Michael Meyers as a horror villain is that he’s so unexplainable. He doesn’t have a sympathetic origin story like Jason, or supernatural powers like Freddy, he’s just pure evil for no reason. And at the end of the movie when he suddenly vanishes after being pumped full of bullets, and the characters slowly realize that somehow, impossibly, he’s still out there, it’s one of the great movie moments, and a really ominous, spooky ending. I guess spoilers, but you should have seen this movie by now. And if you haven’t, wait till Halloween, draw the shades, turn off the lights, and watch the hell out of it. It’s creepy, it’s chilling, it’s got Donald Pleasance running around screaming like a crazy person, and it’s the perfect movie for the holiday. A true classic that I rewatch every year.

Overall Rating: Halloween-ey/10


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