Halloween II (1981) Review

The first Halloween movie was a tiny little indie that did way better than anyone expected. Of course, that meant inevitably someone had to cash in on it by making a sequel. John Carpenter decided he wanted nothing to do with it and took his synth and left. (Oh my god, how did I not talk about the amazing synth score in my review of the first movie? I must not have been high enough while writing it). The movie actually takes place later on the same night as the first movie, following the character immediately after we last saw them. Jamie Lee Curtis goes to the hospital where she lies half conscious for most of the movie while various hospital staff are murdered one by one. Dr. Loomis spends most of the movie running around with cops trying to convince them how dangerous Michael Meyers is, much like he did in the last movie, only this time they know he’s already killed several people so they sort of believe him more. There’s one scene early on when they see a guy who’s kind of dressed the same as Michael, and Dr. Loomis is like “there he is” or whatever, and they go to chase him and then immediately this cop car comes out of nowhere going full speed and just nails the guy, smashes him against the side of a van and just erupts into a huge fiery explosion. It’s such an insane reaction. Like did the cop not see the van? Why not break after he hit the guy? Why would he do that in the first place? Shouldn’t you even try to figure out if it’s the right dude before splattering him across your windshield? Anyway, so yeah, this movie is basically the bigger, dumber sequel. But honestly it might be the one I would recommend to the most people. Don’t get me wrong, I think everyone should see the original, but it’s a movie that you really have to sit down and watch. If you wanted a movie to throw on in the background while you’re chilling with some friends and some beers and just tune in every once in a while for some gore, corny dialogue, and badass synth score, this would be the one to do it with. Speaking of gore, there’s this really awesome part at the beginning where you see a kid who got a razor blade in his halloween candy. Cause like that’s a thing you always heard about as a kid, but to actually see a kid with like his lip split open and the razor blade still stuck in the roof of his mouth and blood everywhere, it’s really cool. Probably the dumbest thing in the movie is how we discover that the only reason Michael is chasing Jamie Lee Curtis is because she’s his long lost sister, and he has some weird fetish for killing his own family. But overall it’s dumb, it’s fun, and the final act chase sequence is pretty tense.

Overall Rating: Sequel-ey/10


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