Dr. No Review



Sean Connery

I’m gonna do that for all of these, just cause there’s a hell of a lot of these, and I don’t want any confusion over which era or actor we’re talking about. But let’s take a step backwards. I’m talking about James Bond, if you hadn’t figured it out yet. Spectre is coming out soon, and we’re going through all 23 previous entries in the series in record time. To start at the beginning, the first movie in the series was Dr. No. What’s great about this movie is it takes every single trope you remember from the classic Sean Connery Bond and puts it right up on screen in your face. The first time you ever see him, he’s in a lavish Casino, wearing a tux, winning at poker, drinking a martini, and chasing after hot women in fancy dresses. Then he walks away from the table and the classic Bond theme plays the whole time he’s walking through the casino, just for like no reason. But it’s not all just cheese factor, you can really see what made the character great even from the very beginning. If you ever doubted that Sean Connery was the best James Bond, just watch him on screen for like 5 minutes. He’s so suave and charming, but there’s another layer to it also. It’s like this cool detachment. Like he’s very nonchalant but there’s something very calculating in there, like he’s always figuring out a way out of any situation, even while he’s drinking and flirting, like he’s actually such a cold badass killing machine that he can’t even feel anything, and that’s how he’s able to be so perfectly debonair. I mean I think Dan Craig’s take is interesting too, and we’ll get to that, but no one has ever done that duality as well as Connery. Just when you think it can’t get any more classic, you meet the villain, the titular Dr. No, who wears a black version of the Dr. Evil outfit and has metal hands. The first in a long series of Bond villains with specific physical deformities. Corny as all hell, but pretty awesome nonetheless. What’s great about this movie is that even 50 years later you can still see what made this series so unique and exciting. It’s fast paced, it’s got an unconventional story structure, and there’s some really interesting weird stuff in it, including some sort of robotic dragon tank. The whole final half hour in the villain’s underwater lair is pretty damn cool too. I wouldn’t call this the best of the Sean Connery entries in the series, but it’s great for seeing where it all began, and it still totally holds up.

Overall Rating: Shaken not stirred/10


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