Thunderball Review



Sean Connery

So this is the fourth movie in the series, and the big selling point this time around is all the underwater stuff. Almost every major action scene is filmed underwater, and though the camera’s are obviously worse than the ones they use in the non-underwater scenes, and the scenes are a little dated looking, the actual sequences themselves really hold up. The best one is probably about half way through, when Bond is trapped in a pool with the cover over it and a whole bunch of sharks coming in at him. He has to swim through this tunnel to the other pool to get out, and he’s going past all these huge-ass sharks coming within inches of him, it’s really intense. Definitely the coolest shark thing on film pre-Jaws. There’s also a dope part early on when a plane crashes into the water and the bad guy swims down and cuts the air tank of the pilot trying to get out. As with all of these movies, there is a certain level of cheese. The movie opens with the classic “Bond punches a woman who turns out to be a male henchman in disguise” thing, and the switch between female and male actors between cuts is almost as hilariously jarring and obvious as it is when they parody it in the first Austin Powers movie. Another favourite moment is when Bond is dancing with a girl at a party, and he sees someone about to shoot him, so he uses the girl as a human shield and she takes a bullet right to the back and dies. Then he drops her body in a chair and says to the other people at the table “Do you mind if my friend sits this one out? She’s just dead”, before leaving to go do more spy shit. Awesome. Anyway, I don’t have a lot more to say about this one. It’s pretty dope, maybe not quite as good as Goldfinger, but close. They do the whole underwater thing again during the Roger Moore era. I guess it’s like Mario, every few you gotta have a water level.

Overall Rating: Sharks/10


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