Why King of the Hill Has the Greatest Theme Song In Television History


Now admittedly I don’t know a lot about music, and I really don’t want to start my first ever online thing talking about it with “well it’s really catchy”, but that’s the first thing that catches your attention about the King of the Hill theme song. It’s really fucking catchy. But it’s catchy in a good way, and not just because it’s a good enough song to not mind having it stuck in your head. I read something one time about how the reason you get a song stuck in your head is because your subconscious is still trying to resolve a melody it can’t quite remember. That’s why sometimes finally hearing the song again or singing it out loud helps get it out of your head. If that’s true, then the King of the Hill theme is perfect because it’s such a¬†short and simple melody that it’s incredibly quick and easy to resolve in your head. I mean, besides that, it’s just a great fucking song. I mean I’ve binge watched the show a couple times, and you never get sick of it, even after 13 seasons. The twangy-ness and rythm of it are pure county western, but it’s done in a really quick tempo with electric guitars, and the whole thing has kind of a grungy vibe to it. It’s like a cynical 90’s punk/rock takeoff of classic southern American culture. Which is exactly what the show is. And then you get the visual accompanying the song, Hank and the boys standing in the alley sipping beer while the outside world bustles around them in fast motion. It’s a show about a simple man watching the world change around him. It’s about these old school southern values and ideals that have remained the same for generations suddenly being in contrast with the modern age. The whole show is about people standing still while the world bustles in fast motion around them. That one simple visual and the alternative rock tune that accompany it manage to tell you everything you need to know about the show in 30 seconds and without a single lyric.

Also, everybody should go back and watch King of the Hill, it’s fucking excellent.