American Wedding Review

American Wedding fucking sucks. It just blows chunks. I guess what happened by this point is they were struggling to keep up with all the new gross out teen comedies of the new millennia, but they just took it too far. It has none of the finesse of the previous two movies to make up for all the stupid jokes. Not to mention, half of the goddamn cast is gone. I mean it’s one thing to loose Vicki, and Jessica, and Sherman, but Oz isn’t in the movie. He’s been one of the four main characters since the beginning, and he’s just gone with no explanation. I mean, I could buy that they fell out of touch a little, but what possibly could have happened between them in the last three years that would cause him to miss Jim’s wedding? But as bad as it is that he’s gone, it’s even more of an insult to the cast members who did stay, most of whom are just there for scenery. Seriously, try to tell me a single interesting thing that Kevin does the entire movie. He just sits in the background while Finch and Stiffler fight over Michelle’s hot sister. Which is the other major problem here; Stiffler has suddenly become the main character. Now, it’s common in TV and movie franchises for a side character to have his role increased due to popularity, but over the course of only three movies Stiffler has gone from the asshole background character to the goddamn lead. I mean, I really enjoyed seeing him more in American Pie 2, but I don’t want to see him go through an emotional arc and save the day at the end. It’s fucking Stiffler, for christ’s sake! He’s not a very well developed character, and when you try to make the audience care about and connect with him it just shines a huge light on that fact. Whereas the first two managed to be clever and funny with a charismatic cast, this one is just juvenile and stupid.

Overall Rating: Suckfest/10


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